ClickstartUK is not just about new businesses; our real value is actually more to help your business grow.

You’ve started your business and after much hard work, long days and working weekends, you have achieved a good level of business and have been able to pay yourself a salary. Still, you have this feeling that your business could do even better. You are not alone and you are right.

Another classic challenge facing entrepreneurs like you is when you realise how much more business you could do, only if you had the necessary capital to invest in new facilities (maybe your first workshop or office), machines or people. However, this is a big step and it’s not a surprise that you put off this decision whilst you continue to look after your existing customers. Yet, you continue to have that nagging feeling that the opportunity is there.

Growth of your business is essential if you are to capitalise on your hard work to date. If you don’t grow, you are effectively falling behind because your competitors are growing all the time.

Dealing with growth of your business is a strategic decision.

  • How do you generate profitable growth?
  • How do you manage the risks of your growth?
  • How do you avoid running out of cash?
  • How do you finance your investment? Is your bank really the first place to visit?

ClickstartUK combines the experience and expertise of Richard Stokes and Sitkow Yeung to help companies during this critical phase of its development. Richard has successfully grown and sold his company. Sitkow has many years’ experience as the Finance director of fast growing companies.


After growth comes EXIT. This is the ultimate goal for many entrepreneurs.

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